We are very happy to announce that on the basis of consistently good feedback from parents, we will be moving ahead with our plans to have our students registered with acting agencies and to hopefully have the majority of our students featured in productions of varying sorts.

This is something we did a couple of years ago but we stopped due to a drop in interest. However it is important for the students to have their talents recognised and to have the opportunity to gain from their talents.

I hope everybody meets success from this endeavor and we’ll be updating with the plans going forward and when the photographer (for headshots!) will be visiting etc.

All the best

Here we are!

Welcome to our blog everybody!

Just a few small notes to start off our new blog with;

First order of business is of course to congratulate everyone on stellar performances during the Trinity Drama examinations – everyone did excellently so well done from us on staff!

Now, here is a lovely photo of one of our Saturday groups that was taken recently by one of the students, a wonderful photographer and an excellent performer as well.

Our obligatory half hourly fist pump!

Additionally we’ve got some great news about new groups and movements across the local area so we’ll be discussing that shortly…

(I am aware our lovely image is also our head board but it’s just that special!)

We’ll have more soon!